Rhubarb Gummy only for rhubarb lovers!

Oh my God! I now made the basic most quintessential Rhubarb Gummy on the Planet! I used no additions like strawberrys to tame the tart flavour. So this is what it is. The Rhubarb Gummy naked!

You need:

3 stalks of rhubarb

2 tbsp coconut sugar

2 tsp ume plum vinegar

1/2 lemon juice

1 tbsp gelatin

10 ml water

How to:

  1. Put all the ingredients into a pan and shimmper for 15 minutes ountil the rhubarb is soft.
  2. Combine lukewarm water with the gelatine. Whisk vigorously until frothy.
  3. Process into a food processor until silky smooth.
  4. Add gelatine water mix when cool. Mix.
  5. Pout into silikon mould.
  6. Pop into the fridge. Enjoy cold!

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