my story

I was diagnosed with lichen planopilaris and within a short period of time most of my hair fell out. As I dug deep into this topic with all the possible resources to get as much info as I could I found zero positive information as to finding a way for my hair to grow back. I came across Autoimmune Paleo some people adopted to treat autoimmune related alopecia.  I decided to feed myself good stuff that will lead to a good outcome. At the same time I started to feed my mind with good information too.

I immediately started this diet although I was told LPP was not autoimmune related and that my hair would never grow back. I kept to this diet for over a year and I feel great.  All my hair has grown back. Also besides eating healthy  I became a self help junkie. Right on!

Today a year after I am reintroducing some food not part of AIP as after it healed me it is time to move on to tailor made diet.

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